The royal men’s dress code is way stricter than the women’s

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  • There is a pretty strict royal fashion etiquette to follow when you’re part of the royal family, whether you’re a man or a woman.

    These include, but are not limited to, having several outfit changes on Christmas Day, not being allowed to wear diamonds before 6pm, and always travelling with a black outfit.

    They also explain why Kate Middleton always carries a clutch bag, and Princess Diana never wore gloves for example – or why royal family members never take this off in public.

    But if you thought the royal woman had it tough, wait until you hear how strict the dress code is for royal men. It starts from a young age too, since little boys should always wear shorts, as this used to be a sign of higher class.

    Trousers are usually reserved for adults, and these should be formal. That’s why you’ll hardly ever see Prince William wearing jeans, unless he is out walking the dogs or a similar activity.

    It’s usually safer for men to err on the side of caution and wear smart casual attire for non formal events, such as chinos and with a blazer or a collared shirt.

    For events such as Royal Ascot, while women can get away with a dress, men have to wear suits, and not just any suits. They have to be navy, grey or black morning suits, to include a waistcoat and tie, as well as a top hat and black shoes with socks.

    For weddings, the rules are even stricter. If you are a member of the monarchy, you must wear your ceremonial uniform, which Prince William and Prince Harry both did when they got married, while other royal men wore morning suits.

    For evening events such as state banquets, they are expected to wear black tie attire, which usually involves a black morning suit with coat tails, a white shirt and white tie, and sometimes adorned with military medals.

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