These Are the Fashion Aesthetics to Know Right Now

As someone who spends a large part of her life on the internet, I happen to consider myself well versed in the world of aesthetics. To some, the ever-changing aesthetics may seem like silly fads on social media, but to others like me, they’re fascinating. While we commonly see specific fashion items grow in popularity (e.g., platforms, balaclavas, etc.), a trending aesthetic opens the door to a whole lifestyle—sometimes as a way to mimic a life you may not have 100% access to currently. And some aesthetic revivals, like the return of indie twee, are changing the narrative.

It’s not just a social media trend. It’s a fun way to use clothes and accessories as a way to tell a story. You may live in the middle of the suburbs but can channel the French-girl aesthetic as if you had a flight into Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport the next morning. The worst thing I did in high school was get detention for being 10 minutes late, but I would love to channel my inner Maddy Perez from Euphoria.

Whether you want to tie yourself to a specific aesthetic (many who aren’t versed in styling find this easier to help them get dressed and still look put-together) or dabble in many depending on your mood, the world is your oyster. While there are a plethora of aesthetics on the internet, I pinpointed the few that are most popular today and will continue to gain traction in 2022. Keep scrolling to get your digital download.

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