These Worth-It Items Have a Compelling Cost Per Wear

Let’s face it: There are a lot of fashion items to choose from out in the world, and it can get pretty overwhelming. To narrow things down, most of us have a few go-to questions we ask ourselves when deciding whether or not to buy something. One of the first I ask myself is how much I’m going to wear the item in question. If I decide it’s something that suits my wardrobe and life well and I will, in fact, wear the item often, I’m much more likely to purchase it.

You’re probably familiar with the term cost per wear by now, so let’s dive in. While it’s pretty difficult to pinpoint an exact cost per wear before you even own an item, an educated guess is still a good indicator of whether or not an item is worth it. Below, I’ve selected 30 items that I personally think are worth it based on the cost per wear that I’ve thoughtfully estimated. Scroll to shop them for your own closet in case you’re interested in bettering your wardrobe without having to do the work. (You’re welcome.)

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