What to Wear to Enhance Your Eye Color

We’re well aware that hair color, skin tone, and makeup techniques play a role in the intensity of your eye color. A touch of bold lipstick or a swipe of a striking eyeliner are surefire ways to play up your eye color, but today, we’re proving instead that the extra sparkle in your eye has everything to do with the colors of the clothing you wear. Whether you have a set of baby-blue, sparkly green, sharp hazel, or deep-brown blinkers, here are the basic color guidelines to making your eyes look the boldest and brightest they’ve ever been.

Follow these simple and straightforward color suggestions, and watch as compliments start streaming your way. Once you’ve optimized which colors you should wear for your eye color, people won’t stop noticing the beautiful tones of your irises. Ahead, we’re breaking down the colors that make your eyes pop. Find out exactly which shades you should be wearing during the day and at night.

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